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Company Profile

Haengbok Vitamin

Haengbok Vitamin was established in 2007 and now distributes the highest quality goods to about 200 on-0ff line partners in Korea.
We mainly handle health care products including sap patch, healing mat, mask pack, kinesiology tape and other beauty products, and supplying to the major distribution channels ; Home plus, E-mart, Lotte mart and Hanaro mart etc.

We are doing the best to develop new products continuously and improve the product quality to expand our business to the world and contribute to the people’s healthy life as a leading distributor and a manufacturer in the world.

Established in 2007, Haengbok Vitamin is a specialized company to manufacture and distribute patcheswith the highest quality for 200 on-/off-line companies.
We are doing our best to develop new products and improve product quality and expanding following the global generation to lead healthy life for a customer and to become a global company.